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I'm Industrial Designer

Lee Yeontaek(YT)



이연택 대표입니다.

(주)이디연은 디자인 크라우드 소싱 플랫폼을 구축하는 것을 목표로 하는 기업입니다.

이디연은 신(新) 산업혁명으로 더 나은 세계를 기대하며, 가속화되는 초연결사회에서

발 빠르게 창의적인 제품 및 서비스를 기획, 디자인, 개발하고 기획된 제품 및 서비스를

기술력 있는 전문 업체와의 협업을 통해 생산 및 판매를 목적으로 하며,

4차 산업의 창의적인 기업으로 브랜딩 되는 것을 목적으로 하는 기업입니다.

그 시작으로 공병을 활용해 음악을 디자인할 수 있는 블루투스 스피커 “Cork Speaker”를 성공적으로 개발 완료하여 양산 및 마케팅을 진행하고 있습니다.

또한 고퀄리티의 디자인 전문 기업으로서 기업 및 사회와 협업하여

디자인 서비스를 제공합니다.

인간의 행복을 위해 더 큰 세상에 더 큰 아이디어를 선사할 수 있도록

항상 노력하겠습니다. 감사합니다.

Hello, I am Yeontaek Lee. CEO and Founder of  LEEDEYEON, INC

with the launch of the Cork Speaker.

LEEDEYEON is ideas to market in the leanest way possible.

With a single goal in mind, collaborative networks of highly qualified talents around YT has turned a mere idea of Cork speaker into the development of a tangible end product that adds values to lifestyle of users across the globe.

Leedeyeon’s up-and-coming design crowdsourcing platform is the systemetic approach to accelerate product development cycle by involving collective networks of talents that aids in ideation, design, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and logistics.

As with any other product in the world, tomorrow’s products and future of Leedeyeon starts from mere ideas in our head. For it is those same ideas that shapes our tomorrow and that define us, Leedeyeon strives to enrich our lives by positive and healthy thoughts and ideas.


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Surreal but nice

Product development fueled by

out-of-the frame ideation

Question assumption to convert

unattainble to achievable.

What matters

we don't easily throw away what matters to us.

Designing product that resonating and timeless values among user across generations ;

is my goal and my mission.

Make the most

out of the Least

If perfection is the state where there is nothing left to take away, my ideal design is to create a beautiful, highly functional and impactful product with the least parts and energy deployed.

To achieve that, we relentlessly research and develop idea to simplify and improve to reach the state of perfection.

The future starts today.

Not tomorrow.

Despite the issues plaguing today's socioeconomics, we never cease to dream and wish for better tomorrow. For it is not the cautionary attitude that innovates our society to yield better tomorrow, we should strive to follow our aspiration to push through the hardships today to shape better tomorrow. Not just for ourselves but for our society as a whole, more of us should not stop walking toward our aspirations.




Hongik University, Product design.
International Design school for Advanced Studies
Master of Design



2017 reddot design award (Germany)

Product design, winner

2016 K-Global 300 selection (ROK)

2016 K-Global Startup competition (ROK, KBS)

Excellence Prize.(Ranked 7 out of 6,600)

2016 good design award (ROK)

Product design, winner

2015 KOCCA Makers League (ROK)

Ranked 1st

2015 reddot design award (Germany)

Product design, winner

2015 IF design award (Germany)

Product design, winner

2015 good design award (ROK)

Product design, winner

2014 reddot design award (Germany)

Design concept, winner

2014 IDEA design award (USA)

Student design, finalist

2014 pinup design award (ROK)

Product design, winner (ms egg)

2014 pinup design award (ROK)

Product design, winner (ms mist)

2014 pinup design award (ROK)

Product design, winner (ms neck)

2014 Hongik a presidential citation (ROK)


2013 reddot 21 global design (Germany)

Designer, directory

2012 reddot design award (Germany)

Design concept, winner

2012 pinup design award (ROK)

Design concept, electronics

2012 pinup design award (ROK)

Design concept, illumination

2012 pinup design award (ROK)

Design concept, public

2011 reddot design award (Germany)

Design concept, winner

2011 Invent Korea Contest (ROK)

Patent, Excellence award

2011 Lassalle contest (Singapore)

Life design, Winner

2010 G-design fair (ROK)

Environmental Design, Special prize



2017, TNW Conference

Europe's leading tech festival_Amsterdam‎

2017, GVS(Global Ventures Summit

Silicon Valley Tours The World_Bali

2017, Aaccelerator program_London

2017, KIC SV Meetup_Silicon Valley

2017, CES global consumer electronics

and consumer technology tradeshow_Las vegas

2016, Seoul Design Festival_COEX

2016, Creative Economy Fair_COEX

2016, DDP Maker Festival (Best Seller Nominee)_DDP

2016, 2015 Design Korea Award Nominee Exhibition

2016, Creative Economy Festival_Hanyang Univ.

2015 KOCCA Makersleague Exhibition (Ranked 1st)

2015 Design Korea Award Nominee Exhibition

2014_Degree show (LIGHT&LIGHT)_Hongik Univ.


2014_Design Korea 2014_KINTEX

2013_reddot 21 global design museum

2013_SAMSUNNG SDI & Hongik Design show

2013_Delegates from Korea 40 Designers

2013_Korea & Japan Graduation Exhibition

2013_Graduation Exhibition_KOBACO

2012_Sit & Go 2_Stool Design_COEX

2011_ Singapore Lassalle program exhibition

2011_ KBS watch design exhibition_ Hangul

2010_ GIDF 2010 (KINTEX)_ Design fair




Industrial Engineer Colorist Certification
Industrial Engineer Product Design Certification

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Proudly created with LEE YEONTAEK(YT)

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